Opportunities To Enroll in Research

medical exam stock photoThe UF Department of Aging’s Clinical Research Division has a number of current and upcoming aging studies available for volunteers.

Gift card compensation is provided for some of the studies, and gas card reimbursement or van transportation for distance travel may be available.

  • We are currently enrolling participants in the following studies:

ASTELLAS Study for people between 65 and 89 who are interested in helping us discover if a certain medication will help improve muscle fatigue and physical function in mobility-limited adults.

JAX-ASCENT registry: are you 60 years or older, live in Jacksonville, FL or surrounding areas, and would like to help our scientists find ways to improve the aging and independence of older adults?  If you are interested in becoming a research participant into one of our upcoming clinical trials, call us toll free at (866)386-7730 or visit UFJaxagingstudy.com.

NEPAL Study: for people 60 years or older; this study has the goal of learning more about how musculoskeletal pain in older adults changes the brain and impacts a person’s mobility and function.

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SPICE Study for people 70 or older who are able to walk one block without an assistive device, to help us discover if the dietary supplement curcumin helps maintain and improve cognitive functions, physical function and whole-body inflammation.

tDCS Study for participants aged 60 and older with pain in multiple areas; this study investigates a non-drug treatment for pain.

TIME to EAT Study  for people 65 years and older; this study is evaluating if intermittent fasting maintains of improves physical function, whole body inflammation and energy levels.

SARA OBS: for people 65 and older who live independently; this is an observational study aiming to learn about muscle mass loss as we advance in age.

UPFront Study: for people age 65 or older, this study seeks to understand why some older people develop problems with walking.


For detailed information on our studies, please call us toll-free at 1-866-386-7730, locally at 352-273-5919, or email Recruit@aging.ufl.edu.


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