Why Volunteer?

Advances in health care are only possible due to the contributions of people willing to take part in research.

A clinical trial is, simply put, a medical study which involves people. Although a trial or study may not help you personally, your participation may result in information that will help others in the future.

There are many reasons why people volunteer for participation in research projects. The reasons are as varied and personal as the individuals who volunteer, and can be described as helping:

  • discover a cure or treatment for an illness
  • discover the cause or prevention of a condition
  • find ways to provide improved care
  • scientists learn more about how the human body and mind work
  • find new ways to live longer and stronger
  • provide better health outcomes for future generations.

Should you decide to participate in our studies, your status as a patient, student or University employee will not be changed in any way.

For further information, please call toll-free 1-866-386-7730 or the local number 352-273-5919. Or, you may request the information by emailing Recruit@aging.ufl.edu.