Health Promotions Center

health promotions center trackThe Institute on Aging UF OAIC hosts the Health Promotion Research Center, a 6,400 sq. ft. facility which is dedicated to lifestyle intervention studies (physical activity and counseling programs), contains a walking track area with adjacent space for counseling sessions (please see floor plan below). The participants have free parking located in the hospital visitor parking lot that is approximately 100 yards from the intervention facility. The participants are greeted in an aesthetic atmosphere containing appropriate pictures and magazines prior to the intervention session. There are two separate waiting rooms and two changing/shower rooms for research study participants. Restroom facilities are located in three locations within a 50 ft radius. Interventionists, staff, and faculty have offices located on-site with access to computers and phones. Staff will have offices located on-site including a dedicated track office with access to computers, phones, two AED’s, and first aid equipment for monitoring adherence and safety of participants.

The track is a cushioned surface with two walking lanes. The walking distance is 200ft/lap just under 1/27th of a mile. The track area is also equipped with various strength, balance training equipment and space for conducting a wide variety of physical activities. A balance bar is bolted to the walls at a height of 1 meter and stretches across (8 meters) of floor to ceiling mirrors to aid in balance for studies on compromised older adults. The facility also has a large conference area (25 x 15 feet) equipped with a kitchen and audio/video equipment for holding focus groups and team meetings. The educational room is highly versatile. Rolling tables can be arranged in numerous ways to promote group interaction or 1:1 collaboration with participants and staff. The equipment can be easily transitioned into storage for when classrooms need additional space for stretching and mobile activities such as yoga or dance class. A portable projector (Dell Liquid Crystal Display) and laptop (Dell Precision) are provided for healthy aging presentations and guest speakers. A demonstration kitchen is used for classes on nutrition, healthy eating, and meal preparation. Three 4’ x 8’ dry erase boards are available to promote classroom discussion (please see floor plan below).