Research Education Core

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Christiaan Leeuwenburgh Christiaan Leeuwenburgh Professor Department Of Physiology And Aging Department of Physiology and Aging (352) 273-5735 –– –– 0000-0003-0826-4257
Roger B Fillingim Roger B Fillingim Associate Dean Of Planning And Institutional Effectiveness, Distinguished Professor, Director Of PRICE DN-COMMUNITY DENTISTRY (352) 273-5963 –– –– 0000-0002-7699-8183

Our Mission

Promoting the development of independent investigators in interdisciplinary research on aging, this Core emphasizes competency-based development of research and leadership skills. Core resources are integrated with other internal and external sources for career support, including UF support; NIH and non-NIH career-development awards; minority supplements; research awards and fellowships; and the CTSI. Specifically, the leaders of the OAIC Research Education Core and Leadership and Administration Core will work closely together to: (1) provide pilot grant support and a tailored career-development plan for each mentee; (2) offer a formal training strategy that emphasizes the integration of clinical sciences toward translational research and facilitates interactions across the OAIC and their cores; (3) compose a formal mentorship program; and (4) monitor trainees’ research process using milestones and achievements

The UF Older Americans Independence Center’s Research Education Core  (OAIC REC) promotes the development of independent investigators in interdisciplinary research on aging relevant to the independence of older Americans. This core emphasizes the development of leadership skills for translating basic findings into clinical research and clinical findings into basic research.

Research Education Core Scholars

The REC supports the research training of OAIC Research Education Core Scholars.  The Scholars span the spectrum from being not yet funded, to having an external career development award or equivalent, to advanced trainees who already obtained grants that provide substantial salary support.

Under the direction of the REC Core leader, each Scholar has assembled a mentoring committee with one primary mentor and 2-4 secondary mentors.  The trainees and mentors meet regularly to discuss and strategically plan the research agenda, training and development activities and trajectory for independent funding.  Scholars may expect to have a portion of their salary and research activities sponsored by the Core.

Lakeshia Cousin, Clayton Swanson, and Feng Yue


Assistant Professor, UF College of Nursing

Lakeshia A. Cousin, PhD

Project Title: A pilot feasibility study of a gratitude journaling intervention to enhance well-being and exercise readiness in older African American female breast cancer survivors


research Assistant Scientist/professor, va, brain rehabilitation research center

Clayton Swanson, PhD, MS

Project Title: Development of a Home-based Self-delivered Prehabilitation Intervention to Proactively Reduce Fall Risk in Older Adults


Assistant Professor, UF Department of Animal Sciences

Feng Yue, PhD

Project Title: Mechanisms of sepsis-induced myopathy in aging: insights from a new modified surgical sepsis model by single cell analysis