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Contact and Directions

The UF Institute on Aging – whose infrastructure and academic environment are provided by the Department of Aging and Geriatric Research – is the home of faculty members from diverse disciplines who wish to pursue a career focused on research and education on aging, and are dedicated to high quality interdisciplinary and translational research and training focused on the health and independence of older adults. It is our continuing goal to be at the forefront of research, education and career development in the area of aging, and make significant contributions to the preservation of independence and prevention and rehabilitation of disabilities affecting our senior citizens.

Our Biology of Aging and Clinical Research Divisions focus primarily on research.

The Division of Biology of Aging focuses on research to enhance and extend the human health span through a better understanding of the biological mechanisms and the functional consequences that underlie the aging process. This includes the full spectrum of research from applying discoveries made in the laboratory, developing trials and studies for humans, and enhancing the adoption of best treatment practices into the medical community.

The division’s goals are to identify and investigate novel opportunities to better understand the mechanisms of aging, and to provide research service, seminars and education to investigators within UF and the national aging research community.

The objectives of the division’s research are to elucidate the biochemical, genetic, and physiological mechanisms of aging that result in age-related functional (both physical and cognitive) decline in humans and animal models. This includes investigations of the gradual or programmed alterations of structure and function that characterize normal aging, and investigations of the adverse changes that are risk factors for or accompany age-related disease states.

The Division of Clinical Research provides the infrastructure and resources for conducting clinical research. It includes controlled trials and epidemiological studies. This division is home to an interdisciplinary group of investigators which include basic scientists, clinicians, epidemiologists, sociologists, health services researchers and statisticians. The interdisciplinary researchers collaborate to develop funded clinical research programs to prevent and rehabilitate physical disability associated with aging.

The ultimate goal of the research conducted in this division is to translate funding into clinical practice and to improve the quality of life in the elderly.