Someya, Shinichi, Ph.D.

Published: March 15th, 2012

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Associate Professor,
Department of Aging and Geriatric Research
Biology of Aging Division
Institute on Aging


1600 SW Archer Road
PO Box 100143, Gainesville, FL 32610







1991, BA, Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley
2005, PhD, Applied Biological Chemistry, University of Tokyo


Primary Appointment:
Department of Aging and Geriatric Research, Division of Biology of Aging

Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences


2007 New Investigator Award in Biomedical Aging Research, 19th Annual Colloquium on Aging, UW Institute on Aging
2008 Paul Glenn Runner Up Award, The American Aging Association
2010 The 39th Annual Meeting of the American Aging Association Travel Award
2010 The 18th Annual NIA Summer Training Course in Experimental Aging Research Award
2011 The 2011 MidWinter Meeting Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Award
2014 Certificate of Appreciation, UF University Minority Mentorship Program
2014 University of Florida College of Medicine Exemplary Teacher for the 2013-2014 Year
2015 William R. Jones Outstanding Mentor Awards, Florida Education Fund

Professional Interests

Research Interests
Hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic health condition, causes individuals to understand speech poorly, and affects the quality of life in older adults. The most common type of permanent hearing loss is sensorineural hearing loss that results from damage to the cochlea, and/or to the auditory nerve pathways from the cochlea to the brain. Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by several contributing factors such as aging, ototoxic chemicals, noise exposure, and/or genetic conditions. Work in my Laboratory is focused on understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie age-related hearing loss using various transgenic and knockout mice. A second question being studied in my laboratory is how the cochlea protects itself from endogenous and exogenous toxins throughout the lifespan. We are also interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of physical activity on auditory function.

Major Teaching Responsibilities

Course Director
GMS 6486 Fundamentals of Biological Aging
SPA 3032 Fundamentals of Hearing
SPA6581 Auditory Pharmacology

GMS 6417 Integrative Aging Physiology
GMS 6893 Clinical and Translational Science Institute Student Seminar
GMS 6622 Mitochondrial Biology in Aging and Disease

Curriculum Vitae




Representative Publications

Research Articles
1. Han C, Ding D, Lopez MC, Manohar S, Zhang Y, Kim MJ, Park HJ, White K, Kim YH, Linser P, Tanokura M, Leeuwenburgh C, Baker HV, Salvi RJ, Someya S. Effects of Long-Term Exercise on Age-Related Hearing Loss in Mice. Journal of Neuroscience. 2016; 36(44):11308-11319.

2. Mankowski RT, Ahmed S, Beaver T, Dirain M, Han C, Hess P, Martin T, Smith BK, Someya S, Leeuwenburgh C, Martin AD. Intraoperative hemidiaphragm electrical stimulation reduces oxidative stress and upregulates autophagy in surgery patients undergoing mechanical ventilation: exploratory study. Journal of Translational Medicine. 2016; 14(1):305.

3. Yu H, Vikhe Patil K, Han C, Fabella B, Canlon B, Someya S, Cederroth CR. GLAST Deficiency in Mice Exacerbates Gap Detection Deficits in a Model of Salicylate-Induced Tinnitus. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. 2016; 10:158.

4. Han C, Linser P, Park HJ, Kim MJ, White K, Vann JM, Ding D, Prolla TA, Someya S. Sirt1 deficiency protects cochlear cells and delays the early onset of age-related hearing loss in C57BL/6 mice. Neurobiology of Aging. 2016; 43:58-71.

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6. Fischer KE, Gelfond JA, Soto VY, Han C, Someya S, Richardson A, Austad SN. Health Effects of Long-Term Rapamycin Treatment: The Impact on Mouse Health of Enteric Rapamycin Treatment from Four Months of Age throughout Life. PloS One. 2015; 10(5):e0126644.

7. Barger JL, Anderson RM, Newton MA, da Silva C, Vann JA, Pugh TD, Someya S, Prolla TA, Weindruch R. A conserved transcriptional signature of delayed aging and reduced disease vulnerability is partially mediated by SIRT3. PloS One. 2015; 10(4):e0120738.

8. Ding D, Qi W, Yu D, Jiang H, Han C, Kim MJ, Katsuno K, Hsieh YH, Miyakawa T, Salvi R, Tanokura M, Someya S. Addition of exogenous NAD+ prevents mefloquine-induced neuroaxonal and hair cell degeneration through reduction of caspase-3-mediated apoptosis in cochlear organotypic cultures. PloS One. 2013; 8(11):e79817.

9. Han C, Someya S. Maintaining good hearing: calorie restriction, Sirt3, and glutathione. Experimental Gerontology. 2013; 48(10):1091-5.

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17. Someya S, Yu W, Hallows WC, Xu J, Vann JM, Leeuwenburgh C, Tanokura M, Denu JM, Prolla TA. Sirt3 mediates reduction of oxidative damage and prevention of age-related hearing loss under caloric restriction. Cell. 2010; 143(5):802-12.

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Books and Book Chapters
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