Aging Volunteer Packet

  • New Volunteer:

1. Information-Needed-For-Volunteering, (complete #1, 3, and 6, and email to your mentor for completion)

2. Forms (please complete, sign and scan all the forms provided by the links within the Volunteer Checklist New Application, with the exception of the Professional Liability Questionnaire and the Volunteer Invitation Letter).

3. Secure a copy of the IRB-approved protocol, if applicable, with the volunteer’s duties highlighted.

4. Take the CITI GCP training required for participating in research ( >My Self Service > Training and Development > CITI Training > Add a Course. Under Question 5 check “CITI Good Clinical Practice Course.” Under Questions 6 and 9 check “not at this time”) and print your certificate.

5. Take the Maintaining a Safe and Respectful Campus training ( > My Self Service>Training and Development > myTraining. Search for course GET803), and print your certificate.

6. Additional training and documentation may be required based on duties assigned.

7. Please email the scanned documents listed at points 1 through 6 to

  • Volunteers may be approved for up to one year, at which time, a new volunteer packet is required.