Dear Prospective Shadow,

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Aging and Geriatric Research and Institute on Aging (IOA) – we are delighted to have you!

As a department of the UF College of Medicine, our utmost concern is for the safety of our patients or research participants, faculty staff and students, and for maintaining the confidentiality of our data. To ensure compliance with the College of Medicine’s requirements, there are several steps that may need to take place prior to the beginning of your shadowing. An IOA Shadow is defined as anyone who will shadow/observe an IOA physician and/or physician assistant for 30 days or less (this includes COM students and required internships).

Please note that you may not begin shadowing until you have been notified by the Geriatric Medicine Division Manager that you have been approved as a shadow.

  1. Your first step will consist of identifying a mentor among the physicians and physicians assistants in our department. Once a physician/PA agrees to mentor you and sponsor your shadowing activities, please ask him or her to email the Division Manager to request shadowing for you.
  2. Creation of a Gatorlink account: if you do not already have a Gatorlink account, please create one by using the “Create Account” option on the UF Authentication page.  Once you have created your Gatorlink account, please email your user name to the Geriatric Medicine Division Manager.
  3. Completing the shadowing packet paperwork: training, documentation, and signatures from you and your mentor will be required for completion of the shadow packet. A list of requirements can be found at: Physician Shadowing Requirements-V3.
  4. Clearance for contact with patients: you will need a Health Assessment in addition to the steps mentioned above.  The Division Manager can provide for further instructions and note that you may only have contact with patients, after the your Health Assessment steps have been completed and you have been cleared for patient/participant contact.
  5. Provide completed documentation to the Division Manager who will compile and submit your shadow packet for approval.

Thank you for your interest in Aging and Geriatric Medicine.

Physician Shadowing Requirements-V3

IOA Shadow Checklist and Approval Form

Request to Observe Patient Care