Patient Care

From primary care to urgent care, our Geriatricians can help.

As we age our healthcare needs change as our bodies change. Older adults require specialized medical care to address the normal changes of aging as well as complex health problems and challenges that develop. Our physicians are board-certified geriatricians who are committed to listening to patients’ concerns and providing patient-centered, state-of-the-art geriatric care.

The following geriatric services are currently offered through the Division of Geriatric Medicine in our department:

Senior Care Clinic

We offer understanding, compassionate and knowledgeable care to our patients, their families and caregivers, in the setting of a new clinical space, with free parking. Services include primary care and specialty evaluation for problems such as incontinence, memory disorders, frailty, difficulty walking, and falls, multiple medications and dietary supplements.


Signature Healthcare of Gainesville

Geriatricians and physician extenders are caring for patients in local facilities including Signature Healthcare of Gainesville, We provide medical directorship to these facilities as well. 


Oak Hammock at the University of Florida

We provide medical care and direction at the Oak Hammock, an innovative retirement community with a focus on lifelong learning, fitness and health.

Picture Exercise Older Couple

Geriatrics Consultation Services at UF Health Shands

We work with the admitting service to address the special needs of older patients in the hospital including preventing and treating delirium, assessing and treating dementia, and reviewing medications to avoid poly-pharmacy.