Welcome Faculty To Our Clerkship

diverse_medical_team_meeting_2 stock photoDear Geriatric Clerkship Faculty:

Welcome to the new and expanded required Geriatrics/Rehabilitation Clerkship! We are thrilled to have you serve as clinician educator during the 4-week rotation in which students will experience the care of older adults at several of the clinical sites in our community.

At this point in their medical education, they are already proficient in performing H&P’s and initiating a differential diagnosis and assessment of older adults. During this Geriatric Clerkship, they will learn medical knowledge, history taking, physical diagnostic, care planning and communication skills in the clinic, hospital consults, palliative care/Hospice, and rehabilitation/long-term care settings which they have not had much exposure to during previous rotations. During this clerkship, they are expected to be an integral part of the interdisciplinary care team at the clinical sites. They are also expected to complete weekly assignments and web-based interactive quizzes. They are to meet weekly with a clinical preceptor, geriatric fellow, and/or clerkship director for a small group didactic session, discussion of interesting cases, and feedback session. Additionally, they will be required to attend interdisciplinary team rounds, attending rounds, and other conferences related to the care of older adults as assigned by a preceptor at each clinical site.

Their final grade is determined by the clerkship director and is based on the competency-based evaluation form used by the College of Medicine and included in the syllabus.  The evaluation form reflects the six core ACGME competencies and should be completed by the preceptors, geriatric fellows, nurses, social workers, and other disciplines of the interdisciplinary team with whom the student works.  You are strongly encouraged to give formative feedback to your students’ mid-rotation.  This will minimize surprises on the summative evaluation.

This is a mandatory rotation.  If an emergency requires students to be away from the rotation, they must obtain prior approval from the Clerkship Director (contact the course coordinator first).  Failure to do so could result in an unsatisfactory grade.

 You can e-mail the Interim Course Coordinator Teresa Richardson a trichar@ufl.edu or call her at 352-294-5851 with any questions and concerns.

We are dedicated to providing the students of this new clerkship with the best opportunity to foster their growth as a clinician and future geriatric colleague! Again, we welcome you, thank you, and hope that you enjoy your experience inspiring medical students to care of older patients.


Benjamin Bensadon, Ed.M., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

4th Year Geriatrics/Rehabilitation Clerkship

Division of Geriatric Medicine

Department of Aging and Geriatric Research

College of Medicine, University of Florida