New Grant Awarded to Dr. David Clark

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Clark for being awarded the R21 grant

Combining tDCS and neurorehabilitation to treat age-related deficits of mobility and cognition.

Loss of mobility and cognitive ability are serious conditions that threaten the independence of older adults.  Importantly, both of these conditions are mechanistically linked by impairment of frontal lobe brain function.  There is a critical gap in knowledge about what therapeutic strategies are effective for maintaining or reinstating function in this critical brain region in order to preserve physical and cognitive health in older adults.  The goal of this study is to develop a novel therapeutic intervention to enhance both mobility and cognition via neuroplasticity of frontal/executive control circuits.  We will engage neuroplasticity of frontal circuits via neurorehabilitation with “complex” walking tasks combined with non-invasive brain stimulation (tanscranial direct current stimulation, or tDCS).