Current Projects

Name PI
ABBOTT-ENRGISE Pilot Pahor, Marco, MD
Autophagy in liver injury Kim, JS, Ph.D.
Basal Forebrain and Cognitive Aging: Novel Experimental and Therapeutic Avenues Foster, T, Ph.D.
Biological Markers of System Burden in Symptomatic Knee OA: A Prospective Study Sibille, Kimberly, Ph.D.
Cochlear detoxification system Someya, Shinichi, PhD
Cocoa-PAD Study Leeuwenburgh, Christiaan, PhD
DAF-16/FOXO-dependent juvenile factors and their roles in adulthood aging Leeuwenburgh, Christiaan, PhD
Ethnic differences in responses to painful stimuli Fillingim, Roger B., PhD
Health Disparities in Osteoarthritis Sibille, Kimberly, Ph.D.
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Dysfunction in the Elderly after Severe Injury Leeuwenburgh, Christiaan, PhD
Metabolic Cost of Daily Activities in Older Adults (CHORES XL) Manini, Todd, PhD
Mitochondrial thioredexin, caloric restriction, and age-related hearing loss Someya, Shinichi, PhD
MoTrPAC Consortium Coordinating Center Pahor, Marco, MD
NeTS: Medium: New Technologies for Next-generation Infrastructural Tagged Systems Pahor, Marco, MD
Neuroimaging age-related changes in pain modulation Cruz-Almeida, Yenisel, Ph.D.
Pain and Aging Research Translational Initiative Fillingim, Roger B., PhD
Physical, Cognitive and Mental Health in Social Context Marsiske, Michael, PhD
PICS: A new horizon for Surgical Critical Care Anton, Steve, PhD
Rehabilitation of corticospinal control of walking following stroke Clark, David, Sc.D
Resveratrol and exercise to treat functional limitations (RESTORES) Buford, Thomas, PhD
REVIVE – Resveratrol to Enhance Vitality and Vigor in Elders Anton, Steve, PhD
SARA Trial Pahor, Marco, MD
The ENRGISE Study Pahor, Marco, MD
TWEAK Buford, Thomas, PhD
UF PASS: Regulation of exercise transducers Leeuwenburgh, Christiaan, PhD
Utilizing the RESCUE stroke caregivers website to enhance discharge planning. Uphold, Constance R., PhD
Working memory: a critical factor underlying alcohol reduction intervention response Pahor, Marco, MD