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Pepper Scholars

One of the primary missions of the Pepper Center is to educate and train new investigators in the research on aging and disability, while developing their leadership qualities and roles. The UF OAIC supports a pool of junior and affiliated scholars who are involved in the research of projects in the OAIC cores, and receive direct mentoring from OAIC faculty members. The affiliate scholars serve as a pool for selecting and recruiting the most talented and promising future OAIC Junior Scholars.

                                                  Current Pepper Scholars

Ahn, Hyochol, Ph.D.

Brakenridge, Scott, Ph.D.

Bryant, Andrew, Ph.D.

Burke, Sara, Ph.D.

Chen, Huaihou, Ph.D.

Lee, Sooyeon, Ph.D.


                                               Prior Pepper Scholars

Anton, Steve, Ph.D.

Bautista, Miho, M.D.

Thomas Buford, Ph.D.

David Clark, Sc.D.

Cruz-Almeida, Yenisel, Ph.D.

Dotson, Vonetta, Ph.D.

Ebner, Natalie, Ph.D.

Efron, Philip, M.D.

Joseph, Anna Maria, Ph.D.

Judge, Andrew, Ph.D.

Kwon, Sooyeon, Pharm.D.

Manini, Todd, Ph.D.

Marzetti, Emanuele, M.D., Ph.D.

Nocera, Joe, Ph.D.

Rahim-Williams, Bridgett, Ph.D.

Vincent, Kevin, M.D.

Someya, Shinichi, Ph.D.

Sibille, Kimberly, Ph.D.

Wohlgemuth, Stephanie, Ph.D.

Woods, Adam, Ph.D.

Zlatar, Zvinka, BA (pre-doc)


                                               Pepper Affiliated Scholars

Ida Kellison (pre-doc)

Brad Cannell, MPH (pre-doc)

Silvia Giovannini, M.D. (post -doc)

Stacey Schultz (pre-doc)

Jeff Parr (pre-doc)

Alexandra Shapiro, Ph.D.

Anne Mathews, Ph.D., RD, LDN

Sophy Perdomo (undergrad)

Pamela Dubyak (pre-doc)

Melanie Judge (pre-doc)

Bilgen Basgut, Ph.D. (pre-doc)

Jessica Deslauriers (undergrad)

Paige Smith (undergrad)

Sara McIntosh (undergrad)

Jiejin Zhang (pre-doc)

]Kindal Sweet (undergrad)

Rabih Tawil (undergrad)

Adam Barry, Ph.D.

Emily King (pre-doc)

Jeremiah Mitzelfelt (pre-doc)

Gebreyes Kassu (undergrad)

Torri Higgins (pre-doc)

Alex Bibbey (medical student)

Judy Hwang (pre-doc)

Whajiha Aktar, MPH (pre-doc)

Pryia Dutta (pre-doc)

Lourdes Andino, Ph.D. (pre-doc)

Colleen Bond (IDP Masters)

Hetain Patel (pre-doc)

Vanessa Milsom (pre-doc)