Data Science Core

Core Leader: Todd Manini, Ph.D.                                           Co-Leader: Sanjay Ranka, Ph.D.

Phone: 352-273-5914                                                                E-mail:



The overall goal of the Data Science Core is to store, retrieve, clean, organize and summarize complex data from a variety of origins for monitoring and enhancing the health of older adults.

 The core provides infrastructure, trained personnel, consultative and collaborative expertise to repurpose data from electronic health records (EHR) and to derive key features from high-resolution biomechanical and physiological signals to meet the goals of the UF OAIC. Lastly, the core conducts exploratory analyses with existing epidemiological data to support grant development (e.g. preliminary data and cohort identification) and offers trainees unique publication opportunities.  

The core collaborates with the UF Health IT system to capture data from the EHR to identify cohorts of geriatric patients for ongoing interventions being conducted in RC1.  The EHR is also used to discover factors during hospitalization that are connected to post-hospital functional recovery.  These data are organized in a manner that can either be tested using traditional statistical methodologies or mining techniques provided by the expertise in the core.  

The ultimate goal of the core is to extract as much information as possible from the data to build high performing prediction models. Our research can be hypothesis driven as well as data driven. Our techniques have the potential of deriving non-obvious patterns to better model the underlying data and use it to improve health care of older adults.