Contact and Directions

With respect and compassion…

Older adults require specialized medical care to address the complex health problems and challenges that develop as we age. Our physicians are committed to providing patient-centered, state-of-the-art geriatric care.

The following geriatric services are currently offered through the Division of Geriatric Medicine in our department:

  • Senior Care Clinic: Our Geriatricians: Dr. Henrique Kallas,Dr. John Meuleman and Dr. Bhanu Sandesara cover a daily primary care and urgent care geriatric clinic.  Here, we offer understanding, compassionate and knowledgeable care to our patients, their families and caregivers, in the setting of a newly renovated clinical space, with free parking and friendly staff. Laboratories and radiology facilities are nearby for convenient access.

Our services include:

– Primary medical care focused on age-related health conditions

– Comprehensive consultation and management plans for patients with complex and multiple health issues

– Specialty evaluation for problems common in older persons including incontience, memory disorders,

difficuly walking and falls

– Assessment of the use of multiple medications and dietary supplements

– Medicare annual wellness exam

Call us today for an appointment and directions at (352) 265-0615.  Our providers at the Senior Care may refer you to other specialists, resources and services as needed.

  • Oak Hammock at the University of Florida:  Dr. Bhanu Sandesara provides medical care and direction at the Oak Hammock, an innovative retirement community with a focus on lifelong learning, fitness and health, in their Skilled Nursing Facility (Long Term Care and Rehabilitation Care), and Assisted Living Facility.

A daily urgent care clinic at the Oak Hammock is covered by Kathleen Jett, ARNP.

  • Veteran services: at the VA hospital a Geriatric Evaluation unit is staffed by Dr. John Meuleman, Dr. Miho Bautista and Dr. Ron Shorr who are part of the VA Geriatric, Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC),  The VA hospital through the GRECC hosts a Gait and Balance Clinic,Palliative Care, Home Care and Extended Care.

If interested in participating in our research studies, please call 1-866-386-7730 or email